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The pleasure of accommodating combined with the art of welcoming

The care and the elegance of the inside, makes it the right and ideal  choice for companies or people, for events such as congresses, parties, weddings, receptions, guesthouse accommodation for fairs, product presentation, fashion shows and for any kind of event that must be something special.


The Stendhal residence formerly De Bosdari – San Lazzaro.
Surrounded by a very old park, was built in the 16th century and modernized in the 17th century by the Dolfi- Ratta family to whom the present look probably can be attributed to, except for the two towers which are probably of earlier construction. About the residence there is accurate information. It is known that it once belonged to the Parati Family, then to the Earl Grassi and the Marquess Pallotta, from whom, around the 18th century, was bought by the Marquess Maria Dolfi Ratta and therefore inherited afterwards by the Earl De’ Bosdari. Today the residence is the property of the Marzaduri family. Inside the residence the central open gallery is ornamented in Louis XVI style and the halls with paintings portraying ruins of remarkable quality.
To the Dolfi-Ratta family may also be attributed the building of the Chapel in 1977, as we can see from an inscription.
This big residence, with at its centre a triangular tympan and sided by two towers which exceed on the lateral part of the building, has an eminent monumental appearance. In its hall elegantly ornamented we find 17th century Emilian and Venetian furniture, a wonderful collection of paintings by Morandi, De Chirico, Manzù, Giacometti, Valletti also called the Veronese, baldocchio, Benedetto Gennari, Salvatore Rosa, Ricci, Max Ernest, etc.
From each window a picturesque sight extends into the park, where there are plants and trees of rare beauty.